Ukraine Relief

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Perspective Daneș Association has provided crucial support to those affected. We have organized pick-ups from the Romania-Ukraine border and provided transportation, offered counseling sessions, and hosted many Ukrainians, creating a strong community network for those who choose to stay in Daneș for the long term.

Additionally, we have conducted humanitarian aid trips to Ukraine. In the summer of 2022, in partnership with local NGOs and churches, we developed a daily educational program that supported over 500 mothers and children. The program included group support, recreational activities, a summer camp, and teacher training. Our center also hosted Ukrainian church meetings and other community events.

Starting in September 2022, we opened our center as a high school facility for Ukrainian students from Monday to Friday. We provide lunch and organize events with our Youth Group.

We continue to find ways to support Ukrainian families interested in staying long term in Daneș, and we remain committed to our mission of providing aid and fostering a strong community network.

A story from one of our refugees

I am one of the Ukrainian refugees in Sighișoara and Daneș, where I am also a volunteer. I would like to thank Liviu and the staff from Perspective Daneș for the help in offering their transport services. Their drivers pick up and bring our children to school in time, and also offering help for adults and children in our community.

In the building of Perspective they prepared equipped classrooms, a conference room and a dining room for our students. The employees kindly provide us with the necessities for our children. Ukrainian children are able to study and eat for free in very comfortable conditions. We are very thankful for them! May the Lord bless their work, health and families!