Danes is a village situated at 9 km from Sighisoara, right in the heart of Transylvania! The population is approximately five thousand people, from which about 500 persons are part of Roma Community/Ethnicity, the majority of these one are living hard lives. Many of them don’t have a permanent job, and most of them are earning their money for food, sorting plastic, metals and other recycling products at the landfill of Sighisoara.

A big part of children from these families relinquish school too early, poverty being one of the reasons. Youths are tempted by the illusion of working abroad, especially in developed countries of Europe; in this way they end up doing things and actions that are a vulnerable zone of crime.

Through our programs, we would like to support the efforts of local institutions, like City Hall, School and Church, in raising the education level for youth generation of Roma community and not only, in this way the implication and social responsibility level for locals, being pro-active actors at developing the community.

In addition to this objective, PERSPECTIVE Danes wishes to continue social work, spiritual and educational support in Sighisoara area through different long term or short term projects.

Keeping our openness for partnerships and developing projects, PERSPECTIVE Danes is looking to answer the disadvantaged community needs through a holistic approach.