Volunteer Opportunities

Perspective Danes offer the opportunity to experience mission, to get to know a new culture and together to make a difference in people’s lives from our social programs. If you are interested in becoming a short or long term volunteer in Romania, if you want to do your practical work on Educational, Social work, Sociology, Pastoral, Theology etc. or maybe you want to organize a group of students from your university, or from your church group, please contact us on perspectivedanes@gmail.com

Together we can create a platform were your abilities and interests will meet our needs in such way that you will go with a extraordinary experience from Romania. You will make plans to come back.

As a social work student it was hard to see all the suffering around us, but in the midst of this difficult situations I could experience the hope for a better life Perspective was giving these people. I was grateful to be able to help share this hope for two consecutive years.

Mayke S.

Social Work Student, Hogeschool Viaa Zwolle, Holland

“I see you in the crowd!” God changed a man’s life through another, because he saw him. Liviu now has a mission, to see individuals in the crowd and to have a new perspective for them. Perspective Danes is effective, sustainable, accountable and are most of all lovely people who love people! Our team gained a lot of benefit from such an intentional and devoted leader and his team.

Michel K.

Leader, Master's Commission. Biel, Switzerland

Full of love and vision for changing the lives of others with compassion and relationship. A real inspiring place to volunteer.

Samantha B.

Youth Worker, St. Michael & All Angels Church Wilmington, England