Liviu and Elena Tudosie, the founders

Trusting the idea that the youth generation is not only the future of our society but also the present, we invest knowing that there is enough potential to make a change in their lives, and trusting they will make a change in other people life!

About fourteen years ago, I have started to work with the youth generation, in 2007 I graduated my under-grad diploma in Social Work and Pedagogy and in 2014 I graduate my MSc in Pastoral Theology in Bucharest and the next step is to hand in my dissertation to fully complete my Master Degree.

Perspective Danes Project combines my youth pastoral skills with the abilities of a social worker that I gained over time. Combining my skills will help to improve life in disadvantaged communities in all life aspects.

With the support of my wife, Elena, and her skills gained during years, more than 15 years of experience, by taking part in many trainings in special education and having experience with children from church, in NGO and also in Roma Communities. Our wish is to create a team, that focus and takes action in responding to community needs in a holistic approach, respectively material needs, emotional needs, educational and spiritual needs.

Together with our two children, Claudia (10 years) and Thomas (6 years), we wish to be role-models for the youth generation that God brings around us or where God sends us!

Alina Soneriu, social worker

“Many things you will understand only when you grow up and you will become a responsible person”, I used to hear such things often during my younger years. But what I understood when I was 14 years old was the fact that you only need a warm heart to bring smile to the face of child.
I am 23 years old now and I just started my career as a social worker. I am standing still in front of challenges and changes. I believe that another important value in a person’s character is to fight to do good. Change is a process. It needs time and people who are open to be part of this complex process. That’s why we work together like a team to bring a sustainable change which positively influences the behavior and the decisions of the one who is part of  it.”

Asociatia PERSPECTIVE Danes is advised by a group of thought leaders with significant expertise in educational, spiritual, community development and business.