Educational sponsorship program

The statistics show that one in five children abandon school during High School years, these data are the most recent from UNICEF and put Romania on the first place in EU rate of school abandon: 19% compared to European average of 15%, for teenagers between 15 and 18 years. Teachers and Sociologists say that poverty is the main reason in most of the cases.

I have found that teenagers who are out of school live in rural areas, in poor families, Roma families and besides that, poverty is considered a problem. In some cases, families cannot afford to send their children to school and instead they send their children to work, to earn money.

Sandie Blanchet

Representative, UNICEF Romania

PERSPECTIVE Danes is wittingly that cannot change Romania but knows that can change a life at a time!

We propose to find sponsors that will support teenagers full of potential but without material resources, to help them graduate High School. In this way, we train to keep our youth in the country and simultaneously helping to reduce crime rate. With a monthly support of 25 Euro you can make a significant difference in the future of a teenager!