Building project

One of PERSPECTIVE Danes main vision is to develop a Community Center within which educational programs, one for pre-school children and one for teenagers, will be held to spend their free time in a healthy and supervised environment. In this way we will support the Local System, in addition with what the Town Hall and the Elementary and Middle School are offering. Together, we wish to support the development of the new generation from Danes area.

Starting to build asks for material supplies and work teams. You can be either one of those who helps to buy bricks – one brick cost approximately 0,50 Eurocent – or you can be part of a mission working team and we can work together for a few days to build this dream!

Each mission team has a bonus that consist in a Citadel Tour in one of the most spectacular citadels in the heart of Transylvania, the citadel in which Dracula lived for a period of time : Sighisoara Citadel!